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EXPLORING THE FORESTS For humans, these primordial forests, not only

establish essential life supporting functions like water
reservoirs, oxygen production and carbon sinks, but
OF THE JAGUAR they are also of enchanting beauty as they belong to
the few untouched and unspoiled areas of the country.

For the animal life, especially for smaller mammals
like Agoutis, Agoutis Paca, Wild Pigs, and
White Tailed Deer, these forests provide a habitat in
which they find nourishment, particularly from a high
concentration of Mahogany trees and other precious
woods that exist in these forested slopes.

The Jaguar and other wild cats will
follow these animals in distinctive cycles
as they feed on them.

We invite you to venture deep into our preserve,
help us monitor our trap cameras located in different
locations along the natural path that you will walk, and
“follow the Jaguar” on his path.

Our jungle platform, where we will sleep in
hammocks, is located about 3 – 4 hours hiking
distance away from Selva Bananito Lodge.
We will cook on fire, refresh ourselves underneath a
cascade and intimately experience the magical forest
surrounding us.

The next morning we will continue our hike towards
the Morpho Waterfalls, where we will have the
opportunity to rappel down 2 or 3 waterfalls,
up to 30 meters high!

Selva Bananito:
pure nature — untamed adventure
conservation with no frontiers.

Selva Bananito Logde

Certificate for Sustainable Tourism
(Costa Rican National Accreditation Commission, 2010, 2014)

One of the top 10 affordable Eco Lodges in Costa Rica
(The Guardian, UK, Nov. 2014)

“8-Best Ecolodges in Costa Rica”
(Times Online Edition, 2008, UK)

“A symphony in the tropical night”
(Destination, Switzerland´05)

“One of the top ten ecolodges in the world”
(Outside Magazine, USA´03)

“The most beautiful bedroom in the tropical rain forest”
(GEO Saison, Germany´03)
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