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Selva Bananito Costa Rica Lodge
Pure Nature - Untamed Adventure
Conservation with no Frontiers 


Selva Bananito Costa Rica Lodge, the cabins: 

Selva Bananito Ecolodge is the only hotel in Costa Rica that has been built with "recycled" waste wood from logging activity that took place several decades ago.

Over 80 % of all the precious woods used for the construction of our Rain Forest Lodge, was reclaimed from salvaged wood originated by the waste produced during logging activity elsewhere.  

We chose to use water buffalos to retrieve the logs where they were left to rot in the forest, as to avoid the impact of an area in regeneration with the use of heavy machinery.

We can, without hesitation, say that several dozens of acres of primary forest were not impacted by selective logging procedures when we built the lodge, because we chose to re-utilize discarded woods. Additionally, this alternative sets an example of how to use our scarce natural resources in a more sustainable way. 

We have 7 spacious standard rooms, (cabins or cabanas) and 4 even more spacious superior rooms.Each one of our cabins has solar heated warm water and a tastefully appointed, tiled and rather ample restroom and shower area. The rooms were built following Caribbean style using stilts as their bases. This architectonic tradition of the Caribbean originally had two main purposes: one is to avoid sleeping in a flooded room when floods occurred, and the other main idea behind the stilts, is that it keeps insects away. 

Both of the above reasons, really do not apply to Selva Bananito Ecolodge, as the lodge is situated on a ridge, thus flooding could really never occur, and secondly, because of our unique location, special microclimate and the fast flowing of waters in the rivers, we actually do not have any stinging mosquitoes. However, we do offer mosquito netting in all our rooms for your comfort. 

Each of the spaciouscabins has a full size and a queen size bed (standard rooms) or two queen size beds (superior rooms).All of the rooms are separated from each other by at least 30 feet from any other cabin because we planted "natural walls" of exotic heliconia plants in between them. We offer a secluded, intimate and refined atmosphere. 

All the cabins at Selva Bananito Ecolodge offer spectacular views from the ample decks they were designed with. You will find two hammocks in each deck. In these you can restfully take in all of the scenic beauty we have to offer at Selva Bananito, read your favorite book or enjoy a well deserved siesta and even bird watch from the comfort of the veranda of your room. 

What visiting guests value the most at Selva Bananito Ecolodge is the absence of artificial sounds, the presence of nature's symphonic choruses and the romantic candle lit dinners. In a few words, we offer a rustic luxurious or luxurious rustic ambience, which will produce memories you will cherish for a life time.